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Intermingling pop culture with historical and sub cultural elements, aim provokes us into judgement of what is artistic in art,in this bizarre painting,”Faimth Delicice”. The very title asks questions along with the elongated dribbles that deftly run down the images. Re-excerpted from campy horror films, there is a comic book accessibility about this painting. It reminds one of a B movie almost.It’s true to say that aim always  treads a fine line between theatrical absurdity and humour. Here there is a sense of reduced,heartfelt sincerity.The figure of the Iceman has a cartoonish, grotesque quality. Are we disarmed by the quasi fallen celebrity figure. Do we realise the significance of the Block? Is the microphone being intentionally ignored? Does the Duck have a particular attitude? These are all questions that tease the viewer with their intuitive improvised layerings. The juxtapositions and pictorial instabilities seem incongruous. Conflicting  features and amorphic mazes merge with geometric,angular gestures.This is not really abstract but a powerful  intertwining of  hard edged décor patterns with simultaneous fusion of clarity and clutter.There is a tension implicit within the painting that suggests a struggle for balance in spite of the spatical dominance of the  two central motifs.[Kafe Smictiric-art critic]