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Yuri Yaartmend: Is it true that The Iceman actually sang on stage? I never thought of him as a “singer”!

Ice-Duck:            Quaaack! O yes,he did and he hit the notes.

Yuri Yaartmend: What was his voice like?

Ice-Duck:            Quack!Strangely moving. Even though I was cold already, I shivered some more. The vocal style was old-fashioned,even

                                                              primeval.They were old well known numbers from populice culture. People were affected and some cried,me too even though I was on stage.

Yuri Yaartmend:     Did he sing to the Block or the audience.

Ice-Duck:              Both.

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 “The optical suggestions of the facture spatially undermines the larger Block of Ice, which nevertheless refuses to disintegrate and melt down at this point. Its multi-dimensional surfaces contain fine nuances of meaning even though the  paint is  seemingly slapped on. This extraordinary contradiction creates a tension that reaches out of the painting.The whole image recalls the energy and dynamism  of the Iceman’s live performance-a co-ordination of non-confrontational solace and unremitting dream. I have to say, aim is ahead of the game again and has produced another masterpiece on canvas.”[Kafe Smictiric-art critic]

                BLOCKFUL TWO


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The Iceman with the Ice-Duck in the foregraimnd

The Iceman/men with
the Ice-Duck

Rory Ronder: You go a long way back with the Iceman.
Ice-Duck:    Quack.Quack.I do.The Iceman alwaims raimarks on my relaimabilitice. He says he 
tricests me-I think he finds that aimportant. Quack!.
Rory Ronder: What part did you play in his performance piece?
Ice-Duck :   Quack!On a practicicle level I was a guage to how much ice was being melted ie the
 more melt,the more I rose to the surfice of the recepticicle,which was icesually a simple
 bucket or bowl. Quack!
Rory Ronder: Was it cold?
Ice-Duck: Quack!It was icy-cold. Quack! Quack! Quack!
Rory Ronder: Did you symbolice saimthing piceticular?
Ice-Duck:    The Iceman talked about the "Humaim Condiceion"  and Aimcology but I don't really
 know-I can only see things from a Duck's perspectice. Besices,he's quice dicefficult to aimderstice at the bicest of taims.

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“The latest work by Antony Irvine, acclaimed Drama teacher, has a stunning balance of colour and composition. There is reminiscence of Dali in the surrealist feel and movement to the image. The eye is lead through the page swirling into the madness that could be a reflection of the inner mind of the artist. There are hints to Christianity, with the pure, angelic figure in the top right, juxtaposed with the fiery orange tones of the man on the left, his expression menacing. Beautiful work, 10/10.”{Charlie Sewed}


Performance Art History -paimted by aim



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The DUCK [fraim Southaimpton]carries the happy scars of many Block-melts

Rory Ronder: Is it true you came to the premiere of "Funny Bones"?

Duck:        Quack,Quack, I swaim there.

Rory:        Was it aimportant for you to be there?

Duck:        Quack. I didn't want the Iceman to have all the laimlight though he diceserves it.
             I've had grice ricepect for haim ever since I becaime his Icessicestant.