These blocks have aesthetic value and are also a good investment. They make a very successful novelty present for the man or woman who thinks they have everything. The bought copies of any block will be personally signed and sent by the Iceman. So the copy would be completely authentic and will have literally been touched by the Iceman himself.

They will arrive in a tube, ready for framing if that is the choice.

Blocks are priced between £40 and £100.

Paintings: the originals are probably beyond your reach but do request signed copies of specific paintings and negotiate directly with aim  []

Numbered Ice Blocks

The numbered blocks are the most valuable. They can be placed in sequence of the countless blocks that the Iceman has melted.


The adjectival blocks are also valuable, but marginally less so because they can’t be precisely placed in the sequence.

How To Purchase

Fill in the form below with name and contact information, along with the reference number of the block you want. The Iceman will contact you regarding payment and delivery of your block.

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