iceman-aboutThe Iceman’s blocks, when photographed in action, capture a timeless moment often including other human beings in relation to the block at a precise moment on the planet Earth. Ironically, despite their ephemeral state, the ice blocks gain a life of their own by being recorded, and even multiply through the copies sold.

Life, death, transformation, hope, despair and time are just some of the themes arising – these ice block records are truly metaphysical. No wonder the audiences chant “Deep!Deep!” No wonder people increasingly want to have their own copy of a block.

The Iceman, masquerading as a visual comedian, is in fact not just an artist but a philosopher. His ice blocks are blessed insights.

The Iceman was conceived in the middle of the 20th century for a purpose. That purpose manifested itself as a commitment to melt or encourage to melt blocks of ice in company, recording them photographically at a precise stage of the process for posterity. Masquerading as a comedian, this performer, visual artist and philosopher has not wavered in his endeavours since the first block at “Crazy Larry’s” in Chelsea in the early 1980s. A cult figure, a living legend, a comedian’s comedian – the Iceman is enabling others to share in these blocks by obtaining signed copies at a peculiarly modest price. Or even dream of purchicing aim’s paimtings of Blocks at Immodicest prices.[]