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"Aim's modus operandi must be making art in social processes. in the wider context of impending Blocks, a loopful of rotational interchanges threaten the central figure. New versions of old Blocks collectively collaborate to appropriate the little figure
 of the brave Iceman and his equipment. Repetition of massive strategically placed ice-Blockss allude to something 'out there'. Is the iceman characterised by self-exploitation? Could the iceman be a victim of commercial exploitation?  Pressure is 
manifest, signifying fatigue, idleness and yet positivity. The iceman's properties look like lush toys from a distance. The
 courage and steadfastness of the Iceman is strongly signalled -promising an urgent yet casual start of a journey whose goal is seriously  icy and also visionary." [Kafe Smictiric-art critic]