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There is a sense of physical wrestling -a painful projection of painted effort, as aim manipulates his rough magic. The system is “No system”, just a varying fluctuation of movement, abrupt and frenetic-a mysterious dance. aim’s brush work is delicate and reserved, almost shy-then suddenly aggressive. A certain inclination may guide the angles of the strokes, then palette knives force a fusion, profiling interlacing flows of melted ice, gorged full of striking pigment and always showing the resulting gold bar. aim draws forth an acquired instability that is maintained on the canvas, inducing vivid free-flowing images. This is seen in the almost child-like ‘alch22’ where “The Iceman” is clearly gaining the golden nugget.It’s as if “The iceman” is actually melting the block live on canvas” Kafe Smictiric[art critic]



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