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Just like the reflective construction of the blocks symbolise the relationships between nature and culture, civilisation and collapse, this painting of Anthony Irvine’s early performance art establish architectonic gestures. This veritable triptych brings out the power structures , aesthetic and political meanings inherent in postmodern modernism. This nexus of power, gender and space explore in a dazzling manner the priorities of life. The viewer(including myself)suffer usefully a temporary disorientation and dislocation that makes one leave the gallery reluctantly and painfully but nevertheless hopefully. It’s more a call to action than a desertion of transparent intuition re the 6th sense. These gleaming relics of previous performance art make one wish fervently that one had been there. The site-specific painting with the dancing angels coming down the steep cliff-sides while ai launches the large cardboard box with another angelic aid, doomed to sink(we presume)invite one to consider the fate of all enterprises and is deeply moving. The painting of the mustard hair wash and the Lucozade filling wellington boots must refer to the pain of the head and the sugary comfort of the feet. From top to toe, ai reveals his experience of life. The extraordinary painting of ai laying the wall-paper with cutlery suggests a strange but significant Banquet. The figure is a cross between a mystical chef and a master of ceremonies at an elaborate ritual. It is truly fascinating seeing a record of the Iceman’s performance art before he fully committed to melting ice-blocks. I think I for one, detect the early nascence of the Blocks,perhaps in that Block -shaped cardboard box or is it actually cardboard? One never knows with ai-perhaps it was made of ice![Kafe Smictiric-art critic]]

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