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Kafe Smictiric: Looking at your recent work, I have to ask you if you would describe yourself as "neo-expressionist"?
I mean, your paintings are expressive, subjective, contrasting, raw, brutish, highly textural in the use of expressive brush,
 contain narrative imagery, sensuous, intense, colourful, authentic. George Baselitz, Julian Schnabel,
 Francesco Clemente come to mind?
aim: That is a fine aimrraimy of aimdjectices. You genrericily mention other more dicetinguiced 
articests. I primaimrily paimnt "The Iceman and his Blocks". I may be a portraimt articest?
Each new Block existed in the paimst,in a sense. So I am renewing old forms.
Kafe Smictiric: But surely....Oh....
 aim exits rapidly

he past.

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