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Aim’s paintings seem to self-consciously explore the encounters between paint materials and their consequent inter-relationships of dissonance and consonance, when applied to the canvas in a particular way by aim .This can be seen clearly in aim’s painting AB6[see below].This induces an experience in expanded vision. His material gestures resonate with the structural shifts of organisms and environments, even on a flat surface. aim navigates relations of volume and form at the point where the microscopic and the macroscopic overlap, intersect and simultaneously converge and diverge unexpectedly. “The Iceman” figure and ‘Block’ are recognisable yet also encompass a near abstract vocabulary that borrows from bodies and landscapes and cosmic elements to discover indescribable matter in a semi-revealed way. Aim makes a veritable STATEMENT re plastic investigation of the formless, the misshapen and yet the provisionally concrete ie Block-provisional because it will ‘change’ beyond recognition. Intuitively concocted forms self-consume,self-produce and self-vivify, as if the ice is actually fertile-which it is ,to the extent that it is frozen water. At once a continuous development of a shared idea and a space of tension , ‘The Iceman’ in painted form creates hierarchies of perception that find themselves rearranged, much as the Block of ice did in the Icmeman’s live performance work, which often left a picture of inspired debris. The near wrestling effect achieved in AB6 between Block + Man is at one and the same time darkly comic and terrifying. It begs the question: Which is BLOCK and which is MAN?

Kafé Smictiric [art critic]