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τρίπτυχον “triptukhon”


“This fastidiously astute commitment to multifocal interpretations of the Iceman’s performances is physiognomically intense. The abstract functions to satirise and fantasise and empathise. Aim’s stylistic vocabulary is difficult to pigeon-hole. It incorporates the surreal,the pop,the postmodern but really something indefinable.It certainly perpetually rejects authority whilst apreciating order.Is it a quest to correct social malaise, a reference to allegorical debased sociological archetypes? The slightly cartoon element is belied by the quasi religious overtones of the triptych format. A playful populism combines with the rarefied without caasing any sense of the grotesque. Aim reactivates and recontextualises in a sort of sincere trickster mode. The value of aim’s “Primitice” oeuvre results from the  overt gestures of the Iceman and a sense of modest self-denigration in spite of a certain ‘noblesse’. There is a sense of cultural heritage inspite of the demise of tradition. The pictures clearly resonate  with the modern viewer who can sense specific experiences within this unambiguous portrayal of a ‘high’ form of peformance art. I,at first, felt bewildered but then settled down to absorb these three images in a merged state of ecstasy.[Kafe Smictiric-art critic]

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