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“aim brings a sense of alarm to the figure of the Iceman but the block-like feet belie a serious sense of threat. The Iceman looms in a disquieting manner that imposes an effect on the Block. Mouth agape, nose forward, the expressions are suggestive of a desire to change position but beckons us to look more carefully at the activity. The magnetic qualities of aim’s painting demand attention and then divert that attention in a completely different direction. If the Iceman appears to gawk, the image suddenly changes from discomfort to a perpetual oscillation between seduction and a qualified repulsion. Primitice 5 clearly speaks of the dichotomy between the energetic and the passive, the active and the actual, the viewer and the object. I don’t normally drink alcohol but after viewing this extraordinary painting I felt I had to have a drink. Fortunately the bar was open early, so I downed a quick double whisky. When I went back to view Primitce 5, I noticed many new layers of meaning, necessitating a second visit to the bar. I meditated on the significance of the yellow duck, a regular motif  and also the implications of the larger Block behind the Iceman who is seemingly oblivious of it. I had one more drink,cancelled the other new gallery I was due to visit and got a taxi home immediately. I fell asleep having strangely reassuring dreams.[Kafe Smictiric-art critic]


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