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    Icetra Primitice


” ‘aim’ inquires into universal ideas and underlies the exotic and ephemeral. You can spot the Block and the Iceman but it is more than a reference to the live act.The shimmering surfaces and configurations evoke  a sense of opulence and also mass consumption. How deftly ‘aim’ spreads the shapes and lines in this picture. A careful balance supercedes the initial response to the  roughness of the work. This painting transcends a culturally specific context and suggests expansive themes of economic disparity and human sustenance and survival.The persistence of indigenous culture and identity in the face of globalisation is strongly alluded to.Is it a commemoration or a monument? The common nature of humanity and the personal minutiae of individual memories is combined and conveyed circuitously. Just as ‘The Iceman’ grappled with his Block in a live setting, here ‘aim’ challenges the viewer to ask themselves fundamental questions.Once again, I am left physically reeling by the power of this apparently ‘simple’ painting.[Kafe Smictiric-art critic]

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