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Alch 26 comments visually on closed systems involved in the thinking-process-it’s almost ‘hip’. Is it fundamentally a comment on the existence of “mess” if there is no spectator or viewer? We can’t classify ‘aim’ as anti-formalist. There is a sense of “painting” being obliquely tracked-‘aim’ as a super connector on canvas-he is a prescient thinker whose heavily worked simplicity challenges the viewer to compartmentalise the meaning of the images-Block or Man? This charismatic painter’s quest for an authenticity that is structured, emotionally sharp with an inevitable sense of avant-garde performance, based on his live work, begs for a detached attention. “aim” can’t be described as a pop artist, nor can he be seen as a “Minimalist” simplifying his material. Context and awareness of spatial issues bring a near-architectural substance to this particular painting, with the gold[alchemy] plaques hovering above the 2 names of ‘aim’ + “IM” [Iceman] in the bottom two corners. Is the combined Block and Head [is it a ‘head’?] a double symbol of assimilation? Perhaps, we art critics should simply say ‘aim’ is just a very good painter whose one track idea from his “performance art” appearances is converted through his brushes into a multiplicity of visual trajectories when it is interpreted on canvas or ‘mounting-board!?-[I’ve heard this is ‘aim’s’ preferred surface – economy or intentioned texture?]. [Kafe Smictiric-art critic]


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