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“Aim-you are surely being outrageous here! Here,in Pr7, there are references to minimalism and modernism. The demise of the utopian ideology of the modernist tradition is implicit . There is an architectural element that conveys a sense of solidity. This is a  hard-edged painting. It is  almost colourful yet there are monochrome elements. The paint patches on one level look like a homage to Twombly .The colours are squeezed out of the brush or palette knife/fingers. The combination of dark and light hues are playfully testing the boundaries of the visibly non-absent and the visibly clearly present. “Leave that drip alone” may be good advice but aim guides that drip elsewhere and makes it define emotional purity. It’s not quite a nightmare, a psychosis, or  a compulsion-it’s more a statement of hope. From the  abyss of existence The Iceman seems to say “Here I am”. The ecstatic transformation of  fragile bodies encounter indomitable forces. There is an inevitability of action. It’s ambiguous and yet clear and  triumphant in  essence. If ever a Block was a Block, this is one hell of a Block! A complex simplicity challenges the viewer to re-examine what a visual signal actually is. The contrast between the black figure and the white Block and head makes us wonder what it is to be human. Who is the Block?I wish I had had the privilege of seeing a Block live but the paintings convey what the atmosphere must have been like in those electric times. The presumably intentionally clumsy writing of IM and BLOCK and aim emphasise the  primitive depths of this primeval image. In one way it’s pure Zooptraxiscope ,in other ways it is a vignette of virtuosity not normally associated with aim’s work. It’s a synthesis of the baroque and the rococco through a sort of biomorphic translation-it’s a  cartes-de-visite , a trope concentric. In essence it’s an action painting that captures some of the raw energy that must have manifested itself during the performance of a live BLOCK. I have heard that audiences used to chant “Deep!Deep!”- I’m not surprised.” [Kafe Smictiric-art critic]


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