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Kafe Smictiric talks serious aesthetics


  Rigidly flat coats compete with the curvaceously elongated,drawn letters that  adorn a limited palette. Bold contradictory sketches underlay the internal framing device. “aimaim”, the second in the aim series has a checkered pop art pattern that conveys indecisive states of flux  in stratified compositions.Paradoxically there is a  depth rendered ambiguous by the writing forms  and the actual execution of the words and letters. The result is a network of incisions and abstract manipulations.The  speed of perception for the viewer is disturbing in its simplicity. The overall message of the picture is ambivalent and the  mastery of space suggests a self-satisfied silent universe. Is that figure a spaceman-The Spiceman!? This is a truly philosophical work.

 Of course, this painting is intimately connected to the short art-videos of The Iceman/aim uttering the same words. There was the ultra violet series of videos and before that the shuffly series. The latter seem infantile at first. Once you have viewed them more than once, their magic begins to work. The ultra violet videos are more mysterious and esoteric, teasing the viewer with too many questions to answer. Both series of videos are intimately related to the words in the painting ‘aimaim’-in fact they are the same words -“I am am I aim”. These simple words,with no obvious punctuation contain an almost unfathomable depth. Is there any substance in you/me? They seem to challenge us and seem also to give advice for an improved version of the self-a sincerely hoped-for development/improvement.

  Elements of Self flagellation and narcissism distract skilfully from the words. It’s like entering a labyrinthine grotto. The disturbing viscuous liquid provokes a question that can’t be definitely answered. Is it what we think it is!?

 ‘aim’ has executed a controlled dissolution of all boundaries. The central figure  could be human. It oscillates between the  abstract and crystal clear delineation. It could be The Iceman himself but it could also double as The Ice-block and the Ice-block’s stand. 

Forms,colours  ,compositional tricks play with one’s visual understanding. The lines and typographical arrangement  call for a  pictorial equivalent  of infinity. There is a maudlin symbiosis with explosive aesthetic charge.

 ‘aim’ shows a meaningful relinquishment of control. The lettering has an extra dimension through the

layering and superimposition of fragments, recombining amorphous trickles of succulent structured pictorial lenses.

Non hierarchical rapture erupts into entirely logical messages. The unrelated counterbalancing of latent aggression with poetic stacks imply a conglomeration of fluxus and discernible forgery.

  In limbo, one opens one’ eyes ,openly wanting to  renegotiate with one-self what is coherent and what this all means. The apparently simple words and their reversals ask questions re existence and self-realisation. The depth of this painting mirrors the depth of The Iceman’s live act. Apparently The Iceman did make ‘wise’ statements during his performances and even took questions at the end, resulting in the famous chanting of “Deep! Deep” by audiences. The chanting may have been humorous- It certainly wasn’t sarcastic. Apparently  it was joyful. People claimed some kind of enlightening experiences at an Iceman “gig” if one can call a mind-shattering piece of performance art experience as a “gig”! [Kafe Smictiric-art critic]

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