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aim’s alchaimy series is an intriguing body of work, the common thread being the appearance of gold in each painting. By means of his rigorous work processes, aim creates a live space in each painting that operates as an interface between a colourful inwardness, containing gold in different forms, and the icy light from the external world. The gold bars bear witness to his extraction of something special but indefinable from the ice-blocks. But the golden motif can never be fully interpreted-there is a teasing quality to its use. There are a series of junctions between subject and reality. aim evokes the essence of life without relying on the pre-eminence of the figure, which is usually “The Iceman” himself. Having said that, the figure of “The Iceman” is always prominent. aim’s introspective methods engage in the world and then communicate that hard-won engagement through the use of vibrating images which in turn are sublime,silly, oily, inflammable, ridiculous,desperate- a stunning  fusion of different contradictory elements.In alch20[see below],aim shows the Block relating to the figure of “The Iceman”-but is it threatening or co-operative? [Kafe Smictiric-art critic]



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