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“aim’s painting of the character Chewy, played by Anthony Irvine, many years ago is a supreme example of aim’s ability to investigate encounters between oil materials and the actual performance experience. The consequent relationships of dissonance and figure disturbance have an unexpected result. The consonance also induces an expanded yet focused vision of the actual theatrical event in time. Is it a table in the foreground or an early ice-block? Is the set simply cardboard boxes or something altogether more luxurious? The material gestures of the character, Chewy, resonate with the structural shifts within the picture. Organisms bubble up and the whole environment is navigated by aim subtly ,yet drastically, portraying the reactions to ‘Chewy’. The relation of the standing character of Chewy, about to sing, and the overall volume and form of the painting, with its golden cardboard box background challenges the viewer to spot the microscopic. Once they have done so, the same viewer will then probably appreciate the macroscopic element. This feature clearly overlaps the vision of the live event. There is a sense of the intersection of theatrical history and the present memory, but with an overriding consciousness of the original audience. But this painting also stands in its own right as an objective work of art, whatever the provenance.”

[Kafe Smictiric, art critic.]

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