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“Primitice 6  has a Kafkaesque edge. There is a playfully subversive satirical critique of social dynamics within art-is this particular Iceman wearing a beret? Is it referencing Suprematism or Die Brucke?-it’s impossible to specify. Could it even be the artist aim himself role-playing The Iceman himself. Aim’s paintings always ask questions. Is it referring to chine colé or belle époque or atelier populaire?Is the space public or institutional? Social stratification is hinted at. Is the painting referring to marginalisation? Does it show Celebrity culture married to an insular exclusivity causing a denial of the self? Is the Block  masquerading as a waterfall(notice the pale blue hue hinting at the gentleness of water)) inviting the Ice to let go subliminally? The figure seems to be looking at the viewer, nudging him/her  and challenging him/ her to sympathise with the power relations intrinsic in The Iceman’s performance art. There is a crafty manipulation of feelings in tandem with a beguiling  innocence that breathes out of the picture. This biomorphic image almost has a diptych effect with the contrast between Block and Man-a  faint suggestion of two frames. I am overwhelmed by the number of questions that well up in me,a seasoned art critic. Frankly,aim beautifully tires me out -I have to find the nearest bed and rest. Is this the artist’s intention? Oh No-now I am asking the questions!” [Kafe Smictiric-art critic]



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