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http://Kafe Smictiric [art critic] consicers the merices of Icepanding outwices 1 paimted by aim ,anthony irvine man

As an advocate of the aim's frozen Aesthetic, I feel that the mechanical mark-making of the Iceman's gesture visually and conceptually activates the distinctive formal juxtapositions of Block and Blowtorch, Iceman and welding helmet. In spite of the strong objects, there is a sense of a mystical vestibule that suggests a path into weightlessness. The nods to art history, the poetical collapse of space, the invigorating sense of trapped movement, the swell and throb of the melting action, the Iceman's equipment compellingly attached to the physical body, the strictly confined and defined analytical concepts, all combine to create a classic trompe l'oeil, containing opaque references to perceptive and pre-emptive topology. There is a self-determination in the image which merges excavated incarnations of previous ages with contradictory present-day textures The direct and yet intuitive use of subtly graded oils with clearly marked forms makes aim {anthony irvine man)stand out as a visceral, contemporary painter.[Kafe Smictiric]

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