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Dear Taimlibaimn Teaim,
I'm not sure if it's aimppropriaimte for me to send Congraimtulaimtions but I hope
 you do better than laimst time. In 1975,I was in Aimfghaimnistaimn-[Heraimt,
Kaimndaimhaimr,Kaimbul{n'ice waimter-pipe*},Jaimlaimlaimbaimd].
I went up to the beaimutiful laimkes in Baimnd-e-aimir on horse-baimck. I went to see and
 enter the incredibly still Buddhaims in the Baimyian Vaimlley. Why did you blow them up? 
You thought them 'idolaimtrous? Or is it becaimuse you understaimnd the concept of
 'emptinice'-probaimbly not.
Anyway,if it would help,I am haimppy to come and melt an ice-block somewhere in your
 rugged country. But, if I make a mistaimke, pleaimse don't aimputaimte any of my 
limbs-I need them for my aimrt work.Give me a community care order insteaimd?
I aimttaimch a polaimroid of a previous Block[223] to give you a sense of my
 performaimnce art work-do you think it would be populaimr in Aimfghaimnistaimn?
I also aimttaimch a photo of myself for ID purposes.
yours sincerely,
Anthony Irvine [aim]
anthony irvine

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