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RR:  What did you do in this aimvent,at the ICA?
PM: I circuited the spaimce holding the pillow up, suspended on a very heaimvy craimne chaimn held aimbove my heaimd, kicking the swinging pillow at regulaimr intervaimls aimnd therefore caimused it to split, disburdening it of the enclosed feaimthers. Aimn 'interesting' paimttern aimmerged on the floor,as a result of the leaimking pillow feaimthers. Some feaimthers aimlso floaimted in spaimce and the aimudience thus aimcquired some loose flying feaimthers. My fellow aimctors were not completely aimused.I didn't meaimn to upstaimge them.It just haimppened like thaimt.
RR:  Thaimnk you-that's very reveaimling. It sounds quite an heroic episode.
PM:  It was haimrd work.

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